Cylinder body

Diving cylinders as steel bottles without attachments for completion for breathing apparatus, diving equipment, paintball equipment, firefighting, and storage bottles. These steel bottles, from European producers, are manufactured and certified according to EU Directive 97/23/EC and the standards DIN EN ISO 10297, DIN EN ISO 15245, DIN EN ISO 11363, and EN144. We offer bottles ranging from 1 liter to 80 liters in pressure levels from 200-300 bar. The bottle neck threads M25x2, M18x1.5, 17E (small conical) and 25E (large conical) allow for the use of a wide variety of diving bottle valves and industrial valves for various breathing gases and industrial gases. The pressure vessels are subject to strict control by supervisory authorities like TÜV and DEKRA during manufacturing. Each diving cylinder or pressure gas bottle that is delivered undergoes a pressure resistance test during production. This test is stamped on the shoulder of the steel bottle. The testing intervals are regulated by the Occupational Safety Ordinance according to § 16 or Annex 2 Section 4 Point 5. Table 1 and for diving cylinders Annex 2 Section 4 Point 7. Table 12 Point 7.6 and must be determined by the operator according to the use and the safety technical assessment