scuba diving regulators

The best friend of the diver under water, the regulator, first and second stage, the Octopus a second second stage of the regulator. Complete sets and useful accessories, spare parts and maintenance kits from many manufacturers for immersion technology. Regulators are complex components that the personal protective equipment of the diver is under water. Regulators or regulators are divided into two distinct groups: the piston-controlled regulator and the membrane-controlled regulator. The constructive design of the regulators essentially decides on the icing resistance in cold water. Technically, it is not possible to produce an icing-free regulator or pressure reducer. Therefore diving with double valves on the scuba tank and two separate first stages for main regulator and octopus is recommended, prescribed in some diving waters. The connection of the regulator is standardized and can be obtained in two versions, according to DIN with G 5/8 "and the INT bracket.For Nitroxatemregler the M26x2 thread is provided in the DIN standard.The most famous manufacturers of regulators / regulators are Poseidon , Apeks (Aqualung), Mares, Scubapro and Seac Almost all manufacturers also offer nitrox regulators, and each regulator is tested before delivery.