Underwater lights


are indispensable diving equipment for scuba divers and snorkelers. The dive lights with halogen or HID bulbs are a thing of the past. Higher luminosity and significantly longer burning time reaches today a modern dive light with LED bulbs. The light intensity of a 100 watt halogen lamp is already achieved today with a few watts of current consumption with LEDs. Whether as a back-up lamp or main lamp, as a dive light with handle or as a battery tank lamp, diving lights with LED technology have prevailed and it is a comprehensive lamp accessories for these lamps available. The different requirements are covered by a wide range of underwater lamps. The lamp accessory is available in just as much variety as for the old lamp technology. From the inexpensive dive light to the high-tech end product, a lamp is available for every water sports enthusiast. For scuba divers and technical divers, dive lights are available as main lights and backup lights with illuminances from 200 lumens to over 10,000 lumens and as photo and video lights. Previously known as cold light, LED light is a thing of the past. There are diving lights with daylight LEDs and warm light LEDs. Combining these lamps with good reflectors creates the ideal video diving lamp for underwater photography and underwater video recording. In the Tek-Diver-Shop you will find a selection of diving lamps from the most important manufacturers. We attach great importance to diving lights for our customers who we have tested as technical divers. Whether it is a dive light for diving holidays, for regular dives or for extreme environments such as cave diving or tekdiving, we offer in our online shop, for every need for diving suitable underwater lamps.