suits and accessories

The largest organ of the human body is the skin, the key to maintaining natural temperature balance. If it is too hot, the skin absorbes sweat and thus cools the body. If it is too cool, we usually use warm clothing. Water has a much higher heat transmission than air. The body cools down to temperatures lower than 36 degrees Celsius which in certain cases will cause dangerous injuries. Diving suits are the diver’s second skin. Therefore, a careful selection of raw materials combined with perfect fit of the suit to the body will provide the highest possible measure of safety for a long, enjoyable dive. High Tech Diving guarantees a perfect fit and the best insulation through continuously adapting suit size to the change of the body. A diving suit is made out of different materials. We care about small details in the procurement as well as the manufacturing process, because the quality of a suit is the sum of the quality of its components as well as the strict control of its manufacturing. It is the High Tech Diving diving suit concept in a nutshell.