valves and manifolds

Diving cylinder valves and valve combinations for the installation of double-dipping devices are from different producers in the European market. Often the valves appear under different brands of the same manufacturer in the dive shops and online shops, which provides above all about the spare parts procurement in the diver for Verwirung. In essence, there are three manufacturers of scuba valves at stretch the major brands such as Aircon, Scubapro, Polaris and Subgear make their valves. It does not look much different with the bridges for double-diving machines. The only really self-producing companies are Nautec and we, High Tech Diving. Our valves are manufactured according to the specifications of EN-144 and DIN 477. The scuba tank valves are manufactured in pressure levels of 200 bar (250 bar) and 300 bar (450 bar). The bottles are used as bottleneck thread in essenreichlichen four different Flaschenhalsgeinde, these are the metric thread M25x2mm, M18x1,5mm and the conical thread kleinkononic also referred to as 17E and the großkonischen designated 25E bottleneck thread. Mounted, of course, only kompinationsen where bottle and valve have the same thread. From imports of scuba tanks, DOT certification bottles appear again and again on a 3/4 "bottleneck thread. Here there is a risk of confusion with M25x2mm.