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ABC diving equipment is the basic equipment for snorkelers and scuba divers. Diving accessories from the diving mask to diving fins, diving gloves and booties to the diving lead and weight belt. These things are rarely available for rent on diving centers, with the exception of lead and weight belts. Therefore, the ABC diving equipment should be taken by every diver on the diving vacation. The different sizes make it difficult to keep them in stock. On the other hand, the ABC diving equipment on diving centers is often tightly closed. The full-range Aqualung, Mares, Cressi supply specialist retailers with equipment from inexpensive entry-level models to high-priced, high-quality jackets. Other manufacturers of diving equipment have specialized in diving suits, fins and diving masks tailored to men and women to make diving as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, a distinction is made between diving equipment for sports divers and technical divers (tec diving). As everywhere, there is a lot of pros and cons in the choice of diving equipment in the opinions of the divers.